BRITA® HYDRATION STATION® for Healthcare Providers

In hospitals and athletic facilities, employees and visitors are constantly reminded of the critical importance of maintaining a sanitary environment. Which is why, when it comes to your facility’s drinking water options, Brita® Professional products offer hygienic and cost-effective solutions that also help eliminate disposable plastic bottle waste and are better for the environment.

Featuring clean, easy activation and ADA compliance, the Brita® Hydration Station® is ideally suited to high-traffic environments where cleanliness is paramount. The wall-mounted units offer hands-free dispensing to deliver great-tasting Brita® filtered water from standard tap lines, allowing your visitors and employees to fill reusable bottles without ever touching the unit.

Brita® Hydration Stations® are certified according to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 to reduce chlorine, lead and 99.99 percent of cysts. In addition, the bottle filling station has an antimicrobial coating to protect the surface of the water filling station.

The Brita® Hydration Station® is also cost-effective and has a significantly smaller impact on the environment than bottled water. One wall-mounted unit installed in your facility can help save up to 36,000 16.9 oz water bottles per year*. Choose from a variety of Hydration Stations from freestanding to wall-mounted.

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*Standard 16.9 oz bottles, based on 4,800 gallons per year with wall-mount average usage.