Brita® Hydration Station® In the News

Michelle Obama’s Pro-Water (Soda Silent) Campaign Makes Waves
July 23, 2014 | Source: TIME

Drink Up Welcomes Seven New and Renewed Supporters
July 22, 2014 | Source: Partnership for a Healthier America

First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Seven Organizations Join Drink Up Effort to Encourage Americans to Drink More Water, More Often
July 22, 2014 | Source: The White House

Filling up at Brita® Hydration Stations®
September 5, 2013 | Source: The Colonadde

Mammoth Lakes Tourism and Nalgene Partner in Limited-Edition Nalgene Bottle Exchange Program
August 30, 2013 | Source: Mammoth Lakes Tourism

Water wise: Filling stations added
August 22, 2013 | Source: Orange County Register

Making Water Cool at Ukiah Schools
May 17, 2013 | Source: Ukian Daily Journal

Redwood City School Gets New Hydration Station
May 13, 2013 | Source: Redwood City-Woodside Patch

University students selling water bottles to fund hydration station
 2013 | Source: Greenly Tribune

Group 3's Brita Hydration Station Commercial
May 5, 2013 | Source: Gianna Mingino

Catching students green-handed
May 2, 2013 | Source: The Rebel Yell

Sundance Channel: Celebrity Brita Vignette
Feb 21, 2013 | Source: Brita USA