Brita® Hydration Station®. Better for Business.

Water Coolers and Bottle Fillers for the Workplace

There’s a reason hospitals, universities and businesses of all sizes look to Brita® Hydration Station® for their hydration needs. Brita® Hydration Stations® offer filtered water and provide a clean, one-stop water source for customers and employees.  Available features include hot and cold water, as well as touch-free. 

 “The students and staff love them. I can’t put in enough to satisfy our community.” Keith Woodward, Quinnipiac University

Replacing the standard office water cooler with a Hydration Station® will also reduce wasteful plastic bottles.  Brita® Hydration Station’s® free-standing stations are the ideal solution for a wide array of needs. Employees and customers will appreciate cold, filtered water as well as the ability to heat up teas, coffees and soups with the models like the 2520.  Business owners love it for its low maintenance, reliability and earth-friendly features.

Our Hydration Stations® also:

  • Have built-in advanced water filtration and sanitization processes
  • Help reduce bottled water waste by serving as refill stations
  • Come in a variety of sizes from counter-top to freestanding to wall-mounted

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