How are the Brita® Hydration Stations® installed?

With 4 different models to choose from, there are various mounting options. An Authorized Dealer in your area can help with specific installation questions.

  • Model 2000S mounts recessed in the wall to give a final appearance that is flush with the wall surface. It is only 14.25” wide to fit between standard 16” studs. This unit does require the drain to be plumbed.
  • Model 2000SMS mounts directly on a mounting plate that is affixed to the wall. This unit is as simple to install as mounting a flat screen TV. It is well suited for masonry walls and the plumbed drain is optional (not required).
  • Model 2500.FS is a floor-standing unit that can be placed anywhere within reach of an outlet and access to a water line. (Available through Authorized Water Dealers only)
  • Model 2500.CT is a counter-top unit and is only 17 3/8” high to fit under standard-height cabinets.  (Available through Authorized Water Dealers only)
  • Model 2520 is a floor-standing unit servicing basic hydration needs and offering simple maintenance and installation anywhere within reach of an outlet and access to a water line.
How do I buy a Brita® Hydration Station®?

There are several ways to to buy.  View options.

Is the water ambient, chilled or heated?
  • Our 2000 series wall-mounted units are ambient with optional chilling. These units can be attached to an existing chiller, such as from an existing drinking fountain.
  • Our 2500 series free-standing units provide both chilled and hot water on demand.  
Can this replace my drinking fountain?

The wall-mounted Brita® Hydration Stations® are certified as a Drinking Water Fountain by IAPMO and CSA. Local code requirements may vary by region. The International Plumbing Code recently changed to allow for free-standing units, such as the 2500 series, to reduce the number of required drinking fountains. Please consult your local code.

Does it come with a filter?

 Brita® branded units are filtered to ensure great-tasting water. Models 2000S and 2000SMS come with the first filter in each unit, and replacement filters need to be purchased separately.  Model 2520 requires a filter sold separately.  Filters for models 2500.FS and 2500.CT are available through Authorized Water Dealers.

How often do you have to replace the filter?

Replacement is based on usage. Filter should be replaced every 12 months or when filter capacity has been reached, whichever comes first.

Where can I buy replacement filters?

An Authorized Dealer in your area will be able to provide information on all filter replacement options. Contact us to find a dealer in your area. In addition, you can purchase filters for the 2000 series wall-mounted units here.

How much does a Brita® Hydration Station® cost?

An Authorized Dealer in your area can provide specific pricing based on your needs. Contact us to find a dealer in your area.  Additionally, prices for our most popular model are below:

- Floor Standing - Model 2520: $449.00

- Floor Standing - Model 2500.FS: Quote Only

- Counter Top - Model 2500.CT: Quote Only

- Surface Mount - Model 2000SMS: $1,670.00

- Recessed Mount - Model 2000S: $2,150.00

Where do I find the owner’s manual and instructions?

Our Resources section provides detailed information on all the Brita®  Hydration Station®  products. Find a variety of options here.