Get endless drinking water and the professional services you need

 Are you looking to purchase a Brita® Hydration Station® as well as professional services to install and maintain your water dispensing products?  Fill out the form on our Authorized Dealers page and we will put you in touch with an Authorized water dealer in your area.  

Our Authorized Dealers are fully trained and experienced commercial water service professionals, providing value and service for all our water dispenser products including the sleek, new bottleless cooler solutions.

With guaranteed filter changes, great-tasting water, and dependable service, our dealers provide an office water solution you can trust. All dealers are certified, insured, and ready to provide your office with a point-of-use water solution today!

The Brita® Hydration Station® makes drinking water delivery a thing of the past.

When you think of water delivery, is there a bottle involved? Let one of our Authorized Dealers show you why you don't need traditional drinking water delivery services anymore. With a bottleless water dispenser, there are no more water jug delivery trucks to bring the water to your local office water coolers, you'll never have to change out heavy water jugs, and there is no more water jug storage.

Our version of office water delivery is straight from your existing building water supply, using a certified advanced filtration system to remove common impurities. If you're considering bottled water coolers, think again.  Let one of our Authorized Dealers help you install, configure and support your jug-free system.