School of the Art Institute of Chicago Case Study


Chicago, Illinois


School of the art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is a dynamic, innovative art and design college founded in 1866. This comprehensive liberal arts college is associated with the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago, and it emphasizes equally the importance of art in everyday life and the significance ordinary life has on art. Both SAIC staff and students take a strong stance on sustainability and have implemented multiple green measures to reduce the school’s environmental impact.


The administration and staff at SAIC took a proactive approach to choosing and executing these green initiatives, which include “Recycle mania,” a single stream recycling campaign, light retrofits, replacing building materials with renewable resources, nighttime setbacks, green cleaning materials and water conservation. Part of its water conservation plan involved a campus-wide Ban the Bottle campaign. Alternatives such as 5-gallon jugs were attempted, but the inconvenience, mess and unattractive design associated with these options left SAIC staff dissatisfied.


The administration learned about the Brita® Hydration Station® from a magazine and were instantly intrigued. With its hygienic operation and sleek profile, the Brita® Hydration Station® was an immediate hit. Staff and students alike appreciated the minimalist design and ease of use, and installation of the Brita® Hydration Station® proved to be the big kick off to the school’s ban the bottle campaign. “The Brita® Hydration Station® was received well,” said Tom buechele, associate vice president of facilities and operations. “and other ideas were too expensive.” saIC also provided all first-year students with branded multi-use water containers as a welcome gift for further promotion.


SAIC’s Brita® Hydration Station® has been popular since day one. “Staff and students love it,” said Buechele. It was the ideal solution to the school’s water conservation initiative, and additional units are planned for the future to coincide with SAIC’s ongoing sustainability plans.


Brita® Hydration Stations® offer users the benefits of great-tasting, Brita® filtered water at a variety of away-from home locations without the waste and cost of bottled water. The multiple product options transform regular tap water into healthier* drinking water using a certified advanced filtration system. Brita® Hydration Stations® are certified according to NSF/ANSI standards 42 & 53 for the reduction of chlorine (taste and odor), lead, and 99.99% of cysts.

*Certified to reduce Lead & Cysts. Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.